Hi—I’m Leann Mei Foon, a hobbyist artist, illustrator, and designer from Toronto, Canada, primarily focused in creating art and illustration that is born out of whatever I’m feeling at the moment of production or whatever beauty that strikes my imagination and compels my hand to make it something tangible.

Born in Canada to a mixed-race family that immigrated from another multi-ethnic country, one might think I’d be full of culture but it is quite the opposite, hence why I’d like to think of my art and illustration as being wholly original to my personal character with sub-cultural inspiration and influence from scenes like the anime and manga one—which has shaped me more since I was a young child than my family’s diverse but diluted culture ever has.

My involuntary and life-long nihilistic nature drives me to create whatever can bring the most joy and satisfaction to the present moment. And since it takes a lot to distract my chronic boredom, I’m always pushing for more interest and excitement in my work.



OCAD University - Illustration

Bachelor of Design